Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Making the Best of It

I was SOoOO in the Christmas Spirit this year. Nothing was going to stop me or get me down this year. Even though the jerk does every year...but I digress.

Sunday we trekked to Ottawa with my parents for Christmas with the huge extended family of my Great Grandma Anderson at noon. Then Christmas with the family of Grandma Randel was to follow and linger into the evening until we came back home to Wichita. Well at Grandma Anderson's the kids get to do Gingerbread Houses. It's becoming a really fun tradition now that this generation is getting to be the right age. We knew with Molly's allergies we needed to keep her FAR from that table - anything could fall on the floor and then it's all hers. For quite some time we succeeded...then at one point I saw my uncle carrying her over there to sit next to his daughter. I assumed (I know - that's where I went wrong) that he knew not to let her have anything. About 10 minutes later Molly was vomitting in Richard's arms all over both of them. Good thing we brought that extra set of clothes! So we went into the restroom and got her all changed and good. She wasn't happy...but who would be after puking so much? Richard needed to go to Wal-Mart to buy new clothes. So we load up in Dad's truck and head for Grandma Randel's. Molly pukes again. Wonderful! Good thing we also brought pjs! She also started itching really badly on the way. Within 30 minutes her face was very swollen and she was covered in hives. We got some Benadryl in her and got her to sleep and eventually the swelling and hives went down. We ended up having a pretty good evening after she woke up and she ate really well. My uncle came over and told us that she had eaten a couple M&Ms at the Gingerbread House table. So now we knew what the issue was exactly. But at this point all was good.

Monday morning we woke up and Molly had her lovely morning rice milk. She drank half of it and then ralphed it immediately. I thought it might be a fluke so when she asked for her milk again I let her have the rest. Bad idea Krissy! She puke it immediately too. I called her dr. and she said that it's probably still just the allergic reaction...her body's doing what it needs to in order to get rid of the allergen. To go ahead and have her drink liquids slowly through the day and eat soft foods.

So I give her a water...and she drinks it a little quicker than I'd like her to, and immediately it comes back up too. So on to the pedialyte. - At least she doesn't like it, so she drinks it much slower. Soon enough comes the big D. I'm still believing what the dr. said...UNTIL...

Around 11:30 when my own stomach flipped! BLEH!!! So for the next 36 hours I spent my time running from the changing table for Molly to the bathroom for myself. I got Richard to come home early from work after my puking started. I couldn't take care of the 2 of us any longer. Then at some point through the night I must have passed out during one of many poo sessions because somehow I ended up falling to the floor and hitting my head really hard adding a major headache to my list of pain.

Then just as Molly and I were feeling much better last night and we all headed to bed...Richard caught it around 3:30am and has been down ever since. He seems to feel even worse than I did. He says I must just have a higher tolerance for pain...but I know I'm a wimp - so he must have it pretty badly.

We had planned to do Christmas at my parents' tonight. But I knew Richard wouldn't be ready for that yet. So I called them first thing this morning to halt the smoking of the turkey. We are tentatively on for tomorrow evening now at our house, which originally we had planned to spend at Richard's sister's. But that's ok - he won't feel like getting out of the house at that point even if he is feeling somewhat better.

We were also VERY excited (at least I was) that we would be at our own home for the first time in our relationship and would get to actually attend Christmas Mass at our own parish. Well, mass times were today 4:30, 7:30, and midnight and tomorrow 9:30am. We had planned to go to mid-night - b/c it should be very beautiful and hopefully Molly would sleep through it. But I went ahead and went to the 7:30 with just Molly and myself. I was pretty sad that we didn't get to go as a family. But I know it's nobody's fault. And there's nothing we can do about it. I'm even more sad, though, that I called my sister-in-law to see if she wanted to go with me and she couldn't go at that time...but then called me around 9:30 to see if I wanted to go to the midnight mass with her. I definitely would have. But I had already gone.

So that's my Christmas whine. I hope Richard starts feeling better soon! I'm trying really really hard to stay in the spirit and just mosey around the extra junk.

Oh but wanna know my Christmas miracle??? I left my wallet in my shopping cart at Dillon's. And when I realized it 2 days later and called said Dillon's they actually had it!!! How wonderful is that?!?!?!? I'm so glad good people exist!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Best Husband EVER!

So yesterday was my birthday. Happy Birthday to me! We had gone a few weeks ago to Best Buy so I could show him what kind of camera I would like for my b-day. And there was a special deal going on so we went ahead and got it that night and a cute little case for it. Then when the Black Friday ads came out it was in an ad for almost $50 cheaper!

Also in the ads I found Gilmore Girls Season 7 for $14. And I HAD to have that! So Richard said that could be for my birthday.

Well, when Black Friday rolled around we decided I'd go shopping and Richard would stay with the baby. So I went out and bought the cheaper camera AND Gilmore Girls for myself for my birthday.

This is SO unlike us. Richard always loves to surprise me with gifts on my birthday.

So the plan for yesterday was that I was going to have no idea what we were doing. I only said I wanted to spend it with Richard and Molly.

Richard came home from work with DELICIOUS chocolates from the Sweet Shoppe in Hallmark. I love that!!!

Then for dinner we went to Mr. Goodcents (my all-time favorite "light" eating destination. - because we're eating heavy tonight with my parents.) And now I can eat the whole meal, so that was fabulous!

Afterwards we headed to west Wichita. I thought he took a few turns that made me think we were headed to my parents to drop Molly off or something. And I started getting anxious thinking that I didn't want to do something without her, I wanted all three of us to be together! But one last turn sent us on the path to wonderland!


Richard had decided that we would go Christmas light hunting for my birthday. And the night before heard on the news about a place that you drive through with thousands of lights flashing to the beat of wonderful Christmas music. And that's where we went! The Lights of St. Paul. Oh it was wonderful! Definitely the best birthday I've had in a long time! He's so thoughtful! This video shows clips of it...but some are in daylight which definitely doesn't give it the same effect.

We also went over to Lights on the Lake at Heartspring - not quite as good but still wonderful!

(Funny story though - earlier in the day I had posted on a forum that next year on this day I would LOVE to be looking at Christmas lights for my birthday - How did he know!?!?!)

Then we hunted around town finding more and more, and eventually Molly even perked up to the idea! She started pointing and even waved at a couple blow-up Santas!

The best husband ever! :D

Monday, November 17, 2008

I've Been Tagged!!!

Thanks Sam!

Oh and just FYI these are in no particular order. :D

1. The Biggest Loser

2. Criminal Minds

3. SuperNanny

4. Law and Order SVU

5. Big Bang Theory

6. Gilmore Girls

7. Life

8. How I Met Your Mother

TOP 8 RESTAURANTS - oh's been so long.
1. Beijing Bistro

2. Olive Garden

3. Chipotle

4. P.F. Chang's

5. Abeulo's

6. Taco Bell

7. Los Cocos

8. Red Lobster

WHAT ARE 8 THINGS THAT HAVE HAPPENED THIS WEEK? (it's Monday so I'm going back to last week)

1. Took Molly to the Doctor for her RAD

2. Returned Molly's library books

3. Went to Stoneware Studio with Mom's group

4. Picked up our family Christmas pictures

5. Took Molly to Portrait Innovations to get MORE pictures taken

6. Filled out our stewardship form

7. Went to church

8. Went to work

1. Molly's next doctor appointment to see if she's better yet.

2. Mom's Group Cookie Exchange (not that I can eat them - but I'm excited to have people try my cookies :D)

3. To have a new niece or nephew - She's ready to go any time!

4. Thanksgiving!

5. My birthday!

6. Doing more Christmas shopping! - P.S. I LOVE shopping for other people!

7. Christmas!

8. Training on Lector Ministry

1. and orange and brown.

2. Thanksgiving!!!

3. Cuddling under blankets with my sweetie!

4. Wearing sweaters!

5. My b-day's just around the corner!

6. Soups and chilis MMMMM

7. As much as I love our outdoor spring/summer daily walks, I always like the change of scenery when we start going to the mall or stores for our walks.

8. SNOW!!! - Because it never waits for winter around here. ;)

Now I'm going to tag....

Jenn and Lindsey...Do I have other readers? That's all I know of...If you read me, you should let me know so I can tag you. :D

Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's Been a While!

Wow. So it's been a couple weeks since I've blogged! Lots have been going on.

Work is going very well. Molly's doing really well over at Grandma and Grandpa's while Mommy and Daddy work.

Work has one sad part - I don't get to go to Mom's Group meetings anymore. :( I can still go to Mom's Night Out and extra stuff they do, but I work during the regular meeting times. And then the last Mom's Night Out I completely spaced. So I've pretty well gotten myself out of the loop.

I finished an order I had for graduation announcements for a friend. I'm pretty excited. She said she really liked them. And I enjoyed doing them - so that's awesome!

We went to a corn maze with Richard's family and had a WONDERFUL time! This year was a safari theme. Here's the aerial shot of the maze:
Richard's cousin decided to go through timed. This inspired me to try it too - without a map or flashlight. I must say I impressed myself with making it through in 6 minutes! Go me! Molly of course had a great time. We were, after all, outside, which is her favorite place to be! They had pumpkins too and we picked out the perfect one. Richard said I could have one to carve if I'd make him some roasted pumpkin seeds. I made roasted pumpkin seeds - but I can't say "for him." I ate most of them. ;) I think I need another pumpkin.

I carved my wonderful pumpkin last Sunday. I wasn't thinking about it getting old within a couple days and not making it until Halloween until I was about half way done carving. So I started brainstorming. I figured putting it in the freezer would work. Yeah, just FYI, freezer - not good for preserving carved pumpkins. Now I know. I took it out Thursday evening and as it defrosted it got really mushy. My mummy squished into himself. He barely made it through Friday still recognizable. I didn't take a picture of him either. I really should have, being my first real pumpkin carving experience on my own.

On Wednesday Molly and I went to Larksfield (a retirement home) to Trick or Treat with Mom's Group. That was a lot of fun for both the kids and the people living in the home. Molly's just such a sweetheart that of course she made everybody smile. She definitely has a contagious smile. :)
Later that day we went with my parents up to Ottawa to see my grandma. It was really good to see her. I love my grandma! Here are she and Molly.

Thursday evening Rhonda and Todd had an appointment to design Rhonda's dream kitchen at Home Depot. - It's incredible! Seriously! And it's on sale right now! I hope they can do it! But we got to babysit the kids while they did that. Molly and Jake were super-buds that night.

Matthew wanted to join in once he saw the camera was out.

Then Molly wanted to color with Abby. It was pretty sweet. Abby was very nice and generous to Molly's "needs." lol

Then Friday (Happy Halloween!) we had Trick or Treating at Richard's work. That was so fun. We had Molly all dressed up as Lady from Lady & the Tramp.
She was a little timid with the candy taking at first. But after a couple desks, she figured it out and would gladly empty anyone's candy bowl piece by piece into her own bag. And with a smile as sweet as her's how could they say no? - Good thing Mom and Dad were there to stop her! Needless to say Daddy has LOTS of candy to eat! lol.

Then we had a doctor's appointment for Molly. She has had a cold for 4 weeks now. I was just "waiting it out" because that's what they say to do, right? Then I kind of lost track of time and before I noticed it had been a few weeks. So they got us in on Friday. She does have a cold - but it's hanging on longer because she's having trouble using her cough to get it out because she has Reactive Airway Disease. Ugh! Basically, allergies, eczema, and asthma go hand in hand most of the time. And she does have wheezing indicative of asthma. But kids under age 5 or 6 aren't big enough to do the testing for asthma. So they just call it RAD until they're old enough to cooperate. Some kids grow out of it. Some don't. Some turn into definite asthma. So we're doing breathing treatments until this cold/flare up goes away. I wasn't even thinking when the dr. was explaining everything to me about a nebulizer and albuterol and everything that I would need to buy a nebulizer. And I soon found out that insurance wouldn't cover it. It's not too awful...just $100. But after taking her in, not really expecting to hear anything but that she's just taking a little longer to kick this cold - that kind of hurt. But we found a cute one...and so at least it's not a scary machine to her.
The penguin is the compressor, the mask is a fish. :)
She doesn't like it at first at all. But after a little bit, and a good tv show, she sits through it pretty well. The worst one (for Mom and Dad) is 2am - Molly sleeps through it pretty well. She's definitely our little trooper. And we love her so much!

And that's about it for excitement around here! Thanks for stopping in!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

No Longer a WAHM

I am officially no longer just a Work-at-Home Mom. I've been working from home with the real estate office since just before Molly was born. It's been a fun, good time. But they offered for me to come back into the office a couple mornings a week. While I've liked having the freedom to not worry about any serious commitments for the last 16 months, I think I'm going to like having extra money just as much. Plus I think it will be good for Molly to spend a few hours a week away from Mommy. Richard has some pretty big issues with her becoming too much of a Mommy's girl. So this will either break her of that, or else reinforce it. lol. I start on Thursday. We shall see how it goes. My parents will be watching her. One day per week it will be both of my parents, and one day it will be just my mom. I hope that goes well.

I'm pretty excited to have a nice extra $500 just in time for Christmas!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

This week hasn't slowed down at all from last week. Richard has been out of town for training. So it has just been Molly and me.

So beginning Monday morning at 6am we were out the door to the airport. We dropped Richard off and came back home. I attempted breakfast, but the poor little girl was so tired that she was just crying her eyes out. Back to bed we went. Nine seemed like a better time to wake up for her. I feel like we did a lot that day, but I can't think of much else. I did have an eye doctor's appointment, which I must thank Monica very much for coming along to watch the baby. Such a God-send. And then we went to Bed Bath and Beyond to get a gift for their cousin's wedding that is this weekend. There really wasn't anything left on their registery. So we went with an air mattress. I hope it's really really comfortable because it was the most expensive air mattress I've ever seen in my life (besides the one right next to it on the shelf for $199.) Then Monday evening we went up to Todd and Rhonda's. Rhonda let me borrow her steam cleaner for my disgusting carpets. Molly was such a trooper. She played really well there, and then on our way home at 9:30-10pm she stayed awake talking to me the whole time. I was very surprised! Of course as soon as we walked in the door though, she was ready for beddy-bye. I put her to bed and the Mommy Adventures began. I moved all of the furniture and vacuumed thoroughly. And then started steam cleaning. This time Rhonda mentioned to me that the hand tool works better than the floor tool. So I tried it on a few spots and holy moly you should have seen me take off. I ended up spot steam cleaning the entire upstairs by hand! It was wonderful! I quit at 1am. I was quite tired. But my carpet looks amazing (compared to what it did.)

Tuesday I took the cleaner to my parents' house. They had a few spots from moving in, and I thought I could take care of that for them. It looks great now too! We came back home and I decided I would plant my bulbs. Several months ago I pulled up all of my Crocus and Iris bulbs to replant/thin out for next year. I'm a little behind on getting them planted, but hopefully it will all work out. So we were outside raking out the area I want them. Trying to get as much of the weeds and grass out as possible, but trying to remind myself that it doesn't really matter at this point. They're going to die before the flowers bloom anyway. I can worry about them when they come back in the spring. Molly was very helpful - if I needed the mulch eaten - which I didn't, so yeah, not really great help, but we had fun. I had the area ready to go and realized I need to actually separate my Iris's still. So that's where I am now. I got a few separated. It was a difficult task while trying to keep the baby from crawling in the street. It's the only place she wants to be. What she'll do if she ever got there, I have no idea, but the thought excites her incredibly. Then the three kids from across the street came over to play with Molly. I kept thinking that was perfect because I could get back to my Iris's and Molly would be distracted. But I couldn't do it. It makes me really nervous when they try to pick her up and put her on toys and such, especially on the cement. So I stayed with the kids watching over them like a hawk. Finally at 7, I told the kids Molly needed to eat dinner and go to bed. So we went inside and did. After she was in bed I called Monica and invited her over for The Biggest Loser. She and Rufus came over. This is my first season of biggest loser but I like it a lot already! I really like several of the teams: Pink, Purple, Yellow, and Red. I take that back. Scratch Yellow. I just like Coleen from Yellow. And I hate the brown team. Ugh. "We really wanted to lose this week, because we don't need to call home. And losing makes us less of a threat." Yeah, well, it also doesn't promote weight loss but somehow they keep losing weight. I'm ready for them to go home. After BL I got bored and began blog reading. I was up until 1:45 reading blogs - really just one person's. I'm a nut.

Today...was my mom's birthday! She's not one to ask for things she wants for her birthday. In fact I don't even know if she has wants. She never seems to have much of an opinion when it comes to wants. She has "needs" though, and those are the things she will ask for when asked what she'd like for her birthday. For instance, this year, she needed floor cleaner, because her swiffer wet jet just isn't getting it all, so she needs to get down and scrub and doesn't have any floor cleaner to scrub with. And also her small sauce pan that she boils her sweet tea in broke last week and she needs a new one. So I started thinking hard and realized, my mom doesn't ever buy new clothes for herself. That's a great idea! I could take her shopping for clothes, more specifically a dressy outfit she can wear on dressy occasions since what she owns is from 1982 or prior, a little worn and thinned out, and a size or two too big. when I mentioned the idea to her she didn't seem thrilled, but was ok with it, she guessed. So we went. We both found a couple outfits that we liked. I learned that my mom does not like green. In fact she doesn't like dresses at all. So I felt really bad when she said that. It meant that I was completely forgetting that her birthday is about what she wants. I felt like such a jerk. At no point did she get excited. We picked out an outfit finally. I don't think she liked it at all. But it looked ultra cute on her. So afterwards, I needed to go to Walmart to get a diaper to change Molly into. My purse was out and she was poopy. I felt so bad for forcing my mom into something she didn't want for her birthday that I went ahead and wandered over to the pots and pans and let her pick out a sauce pan, and then back to the cleaning supplies for some Lysol All-Purpose Cleaner and some Comet. She also found some M&Ms along the way, which happen to be her favorite. I think she was much happier leaving Walmart, than she was leaving the dress store. I hope she had a wonderful birthday and enjoyed spending the day with us. :)

Richard comes home tomorrow! Yay! I have Moms' Group in the morning. Then I need to go get the oil changed in the car. And hopefully after that I'll still have some time left to return Rhonda's steam cleaner before heading over to the airport to welcome my wonderful husband back home.

Then Friday we're headed west for a wedding! I love weddings. I also like spending time with Richard's family. I'm excited to get back to his parents' house. It's been a while.

Friday, September 19, 2008

A Busy Week

This has seemed to be such a crazy week!

Saturday, we were supposed to go to the Kansas State Fair. But it really looked like rain, and I figured it'd be really muddy, so I didn't want to have Molly out in it. It didn't end up raining, but it was still definitely muddy. So we didn't go.

That afternoon my dad called and said they were coming over. Without asking questions I said ok. They came to tell me that my great-grandpa had passed at 11:15. He's one of the hands in my picture above. That was a 5 generation picture that I really wanted to have before Grandpa headed "home." I took the news ok. Although I do wish we could have been closer, he was my great-grandpa, and he lived in another state, so it's not actually realistic. I had been to see him in the last few months. So I was ok. The sad part is that before that, I hadn't made any effort. I don't remember seeing him in several years. He admitted to me that day that he wouldn't recognize me on the street. But he was sure glad I came to see him. And that he got to see Molly too. I'll always remember how he just kept saying her name over and over so he wouldn't forget it. He wanted a picture of her too. And I gave him one. We put it on his photo board of the people he loved. I'm glad we made that board.

Tuesday Molly and I went with my parents down to Oklahoma. Richard had to go out of town for work so he was unable to join us. The viewing was Tuesday night and it turned out to be much tougher than I had expected. But some of my cousins were able to entertain Molly, so that was good.

Wednesday morning was the funeral. That was very tough too. And different from Tuesday night, nobody was able to take Molly for me. So I was dealing with my personal grieving, while trying to make a 13-month little girl happy. At least they played very upbeat music, or it may have not happened. I can honestly say Molly and I danced at my great-grandpa's funeral. I think that would make him happy. We all know he was dancing!

Funeral's are so tough for me. Even though he was old. Older than the average man's life expectancy, it's always hard to accept a passing. You never know when it's coming. Some people don't make it past a couple breaths of life at birth. Some live to be 120 years old. Funerals always remind me to cherish the people I love. And that's what causes me so much grief at funerals. I incessantly think about who might be next and that I should make an extra effort to spend time with them. And then I get frustrated. Why did my grandparents move all the way to Alabama? I can't just up and go see them. Not in the place we are in our lives right now. Someday, I hope to be able to. But will they still be around then? I'd rather not know.

On a happier note, last night I had my first Moms' Night Out. It was a lot of fun. We saw The Women. It was REALLY good. I never remember to be sure to watch a good women movie here and there. I'm definitely glad I went. I reminded me of friends and how I need to nourish those relationships well also. After the movie we went to get some drinks for a little while before turning in for the night. I really didn't know any of the ladies I was with, but I had a great time.

Richard and I have plans to go see My Best Friend's Girl either tonight or tomorrow. My parents are going to watch Molly for us. I'm excited to go out with him again too!

I think I'm going to take Molly to the park this morning. So I'll see you all later!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Molly's First

Molly and I went to Mom's Group today. It was a good time. But a little depressing at the same time. I'm a little emotional the last couple days to forewarn you. So I'll start with the depressing side.

I had completely forgotten that today was 9/11. Call me what you will, but it simply slipped my mind. But I was quickly reminded, and instantly just felt blah. It's a very sad memory. But I am glad there are so many courageous men and women willing to give their lives to fight for what our country was built upon. I just wish they didn't have to.
Then the next thing was there is a lady with two daughters, both of which have cistic fibrosis. She wasn't dwelling on it or anything, just mentioned it in simple conversation that I happened to hear. I almost started bawling just hearing her say it. Could you imagine having two daughters that unless some changes happen quickly, will most likely not live past their early 20's? How sad is that???

Anyway...on to a better side of the story. It was Molly's first experience with a large group of kids. And I could tell immediately she would LOVE it! She dived right in and started playing with several little kids. I kept my eye on her, but she was doing a great job.

...until she saw the walk-behind cart. Another little boy had it. She crawled over to it and stood up with him and essentially took it from him. He started crying. Another little girl, a little older than these two, came and took it from Molly to give it back to the boy. Molly joined him crying. Both of us went and rescued our very upset babies. Of course, Molly was fine instantly. I'm glad she'll finally get to learn what sharing is all about. I just hope I know how to handle it right.

Then quite a bit later, I notice Molly off playing with another little boy who was a few years older than her. Then I saw Charlie, an "oh so cute" 18-month old with bright red curly hair and is pretty solid, going toward Molly. He walks up to her and they begin chit-chatting. Molly is sitting on her knees. Charlie turns around and sits on her lap. I just started laughing so hard. Here's little 19 lbs Molly with a probably 25 lbs kid sitting on her lap. Well eventually it causes her to fall back and bump her head. I stand up and start heading that way when I see that she's crying pretty hard. Charlie gets off of her and lays down on top of her. I'm assuming to hug and comfort wasn't working. I felt so bad for Molly, she was screaming like crazy by this point...but I couldn't help but laugh. The whole situation was so funny. I picked Charlie up and placed him aside and picked up Molly. Charlie's mom came to apologize. Of course, no need to, they're kids. But oh Charlie....what a funny little guy! And once again, Molly was fine instantly.

And otherwise the meeting went well. Just kind of a run down of the plans for the rest of the year. Please sign up for this and that. And I'm so excited to see who I end up becoming good friends with!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I've been looking for a while for an IRL Moms' Group to become a part of. When Molly was around 3 months old, I found one through my church, but there was a waiting list and there just seemed to be a lot of technicalities and rules involved, and that was just the introduction. So I decided to pass on that one. Others have shown up in our church bulletin and such but it always says for Mom's of School-Aged Children. Well, Molly's much younger than that.

This week the bulletin said Moms' Group for Moms of School-Aged Children Newborn through 5th grade. That was slightly confusing to me. So I went ahead and called the lady in charge today. She returned my call and said that they had some issues with the wording, but ALL MOMS are welcome. And kids are welcome too - So I won't have to find a baby-sitter! (Except on Moms' Nights Out...but that's what Daddies are for!)

I'm so excited for this! Now I just have to be sure to get Molly out of bed early enough. She likes to sleep until 9 or 10 most days, and these meetings are at 9. LOL!

Friday, September 5, 2008

For the Love of Hugs

I absolutely LOVE Molly's new love to hug!!! She is just full of them! Last night as I was nursing her before bed she stood up in my lap and gave me a GREAT BIG HUG!!! I love hugs in general. But the hugs of a baby are absolutely amazing!

Today she let me put her hair in piggies. She's so pretty and looks incredibly adorable with piggies! And here's what she looks like after she's done with piggies and pulls them out. We call that Crazy Hair!

We bought the first season of Big Bang Theory the other day. Last night we watched the first episode. I forgot how absolutely hilarious that show is! I can't wait to get the new episodes!

Today I've ran errands all day but a couple I'm really excited about. One - our church has decided to keep the office open late through the week starting next month, but are asking for volunteers to man it. And so I went in to offer my assistance today. I think it feels good to volunteer, so I'm excited to find out more about that. And two - I went to the scrapbook store today! Woohoo! I spent a little more than I had hoped...but I had a 1 year old with me that really wanted to be in the floor making messes, and I was trying to keep her in a cart while picking out papers. I didn't have the extra brain at the time to keep track of how much I was spending. I'm hoping that means I'll get into my scrapbooking room again soon and crank out some more pages! If not, I'm going to a weekend crop next month, so I'll be sure to get something done then!

Ok...well Molly needs some food. Have a fabulous day!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My First Blog on Blogger

Today shall be a homey day. I don't really feel like going anywhere. I've been doing laundry and taking care of Molly, so far. She's napping right now, and it was a much needed break for me. She's been slightly clingy and needy today.

My parents moved to town on Monday. We went over to help move them in. We were not wanting to work hard at all. But I'm glad we went, because, frankly, I don't think the guys could have got the piano into the house without Richard's help.

Yesterday, Molly and I went over to show them around their side of town a little bit. We took them to Walmart and some computer stores because they needed a new computer. They bought one, and in the next few days I'll be going back over there to assemble it and get it up and running for them. Definitely a benefit to them living here: they've always seemed to have computer issues, and it will just be so much easier to run over there and fix it, than to try and figure out what's going on over the phone and explain what to do to fix it. It never worked.

Richard's working a little later right now to make sure and have things done by the deadline. That's not much fun for me. But we always deal with it. And it's ok.

Welp...Molly just woke up. I'm off to make her feel ok again.