Monday, November 17, 2008

I've Been Tagged!!!

Thanks Sam!

Oh and just FYI these are in no particular order. :D

1. The Biggest Loser

2. Criminal Minds

3. SuperNanny

4. Law and Order SVU

5. Big Bang Theory

6. Gilmore Girls

7. Life

8. How I Met Your Mother

TOP 8 RESTAURANTS - oh's been so long.
1. Beijing Bistro

2. Olive Garden

3. Chipotle

4. P.F. Chang's

5. Abeulo's

6. Taco Bell

7. Los Cocos

8. Red Lobster

WHAT ARE 8 THINGS THAT HAVE HAPPENED THIS WEEK? (it's Monday so I'm going back to last week)

1. Took Molly to the Doctor for her RAD

2. Returned Molly's library books

3. Went to Stoneware Studio with Mom's group

4. Picked up our family Christmas pictures

5. Took Molly to Portrait Innovations to get MORE pictures taken

6. Filled out our stewardship form

7. Went to church

8. Went to work

1. Molly's next doctor appointment to see if she's better yet.

2. Mom's Group Cookie Exchange (not that I can eat them - but I'm excited to have people try my cookies :D)

3. To have a new niece or nephew - She's ready to go any time!

4. Thanksgiving!

5. My birthday!

6. Doing more Christmas shopping! - P.S. I LOVE shopping for other people!

7. Christmas!

8. Training on Lector Ministry

1. and orange and brown.

2. Thanksgiving!!!

3. Cuddling under blankets with my sweetie!

4. Wearing sweaters!

5. My b-day's just around the corner!

6. Soups and chilis MMMMM

7. As much as I love our outdoor spring/summer daily walks, I always like the change of scenery when we start going to the mall or stores for our walks.

8. SNOW!!! - Because it never waits for winter around here. ;)

Now I'm going to tag....

Jenn and Lindsey...Do I have other readers? That's all I know of...If you read me, you should let me know so I can tag you. :D

Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's Been a While!

Wow. So it's been a couple weeks since I've blogged! Lots have been going on.

Work is going very well. Molly's doing really well over at Grandma and Grandpa's while Mommy and Daddy work.

Work has one sad part - I don't get to go to Mom's Group meetings anymore. :( I can still go to Mom's Night Out and extra stuff they do, but I work during the regular meeting times. And then the last Mom's Night Out I completely spaced. So I've pretty well gotten myself out of the loop.

I finished an order I had for graduation announcements for a friend. I'm pretty excited. She said she really liked them. And I enjoyed doing them - so that's awesome!

We went to a corn maze with Richard's family and had a WONDERFUL time! This year was a safari theme. Here's the aerial shot of the maze:
Richard's cousin decided to go through timed. This inspired me to try it too - without a map or flashlight. I must say I impressed myself with making it through in 6 minutes! Go me! Molly of course had a great time. We were, after all, outside, which is her favorite place to be! They had pumpkins too and we picked out the perfect one. Richard said I could have one to carve if I'd make him some roasted pumpkin seeds. I made roasted pumpkin seeds - but I can't say "for him." I ate most of them. ;) I think I need another pumpkin.

I carved my wonderful pumpkin last Sunday. I wasn't thinking about it getting old within a couple days and not making it until Halloween until I was about half way done carving. So I started brainstorming. I figured putting it in the freezer would work. Yeah, just FYI, freezer - not good for preserving carved pumpkins. Now I know. I took it out Thursday evening and as it defrosted it got really mushy. My mummy squished into himself. He barely made it through Friday still recognizable. I didn't take a picture of him either. I really should have, being my first real pumpkin carving experience on my own.

On Wednesday Molly and I went to Larksfield (a retirement home) to Trick or Treat with Mom's Group. That was a lot of fun for both the kids and the people living in the home. Molly's just such a sweetheart that of course she made everybody smile. She definitely has a contagious smile. :)
Later that day we went with my parents up to Ottawa to see my grandma. It was really good to see her. I love my grandma! Here are she and Molly.

Thursday evening Rhonda and Todd had an appointment to design Rhonda's dream kitchen at Home Depot. - It's incredible! Seriously! And it's on sale right now! I hope they can do it! But we got to babysit the kids while they did that. Molly and Jake were super-buds that night.

Matthew wanted to join in once he saw the camera was out.

Then Molly wanted to color with Abby. It was pretty sweet. Abby was very nice and generous to Molly's "needs." lol

Then Friday (Happy Halloween!) we had Trick or Treating at Richard's work. That was so fun. We had Molly all dressed up as Lady from Lady & the Tramp.
She was a little timid with the candy taking at first. But after a couple desks, she figured it out and would gladly empty anyone's candy bowl piece by piece into her own bag. And with a smile as sweet as her's how could they say no? - Good thing Mom and Dad were there to stop her! Needless to say Daddy has LOTS of candy to eat! lol.

Then we had a doctor's appointment for Molly. She has had a cold for 4 weeks now. I was just "waiting it out" because that's what they say to do, right? Then I kind of lost track of time and before I noticed it had been a few weeks. So they got us in on Friday. She does have a cold - but it's hanging on longer because she's having trouble using her cough to get it out because she has Reactive Airway Disease. Ugh! Basically, allergies, eczema, and asthma go hand in hand most of the time. And she does have wheezing indicative of asthma. But kids under age 5 or 6 aren't big enough to do the testing for asthma. So they just call it RAD until they're old enough to cooperate. Some kids grow out of it. Some don't. Some turn into definite asthma. So we're doing breathing treatments until this cold/flare up goes away. I wasn't even thinking when the dr. was explaining everything to me about a nebulizer and albuterol and everything that I would need to buy a nebulizer. And I soon found out that insurance wouldn't cover it. It's not too awful...just $100. But after taking her in, not really expecting to hear anything but that she's just taking a little longer to kick this cold - that kind of hurt. But we found a cute one...and so at least it's not a scary machine to her.
The penguin is the compressor, the mask is a fish. :)
She doesn't like it at first at all. But after a little bit, and a good tv show, she sits through it pretty well. The worst one (for Mom and Dad) is 2am - Molly sleeps through it pretty well. She's definitely our little trooper. And we love her so much!

And that's about it for excitement around here! Thanks for stopping in!