Tuesday, October 14, 2008

No Longer a WAHM

I am officially no longer just a Work-at-Home Mom. I've been working from home with the real estate office since just before Molly was born. It's been a fun, good time. But they offered for me to come back into the office a couple mornings a week. While I've liked having the freedom to not worry about any serious commitments for the last 16 months, I think I'm going to like having extra money just as much. Plus I think it will be good for Molly to spend a few hours a week away from Mommy. Richard has some pretty big issues with her becoming too much of a Mommy's girl. So this will either break her of that, or else reinforce it. lol. I start on Thursday. We shall see how it goes. My parents will be watching her. One day per week it will be both of my parents, and one day it will be just my mom. I hope that goes well.

I'm pretty excited to have a nice extra $500 just in time for Christmas!