Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rough night

I really wanted to get on here last night and write about this...but I didn't figure it would make it any better.

We've been completely blessed for the last 2 months with two beautiful daughters who have been sleeping completely through the night. Then last week at some point it all came to a halt. And they've both been getting up at least twice in the night.

As always, it takes us a good week or so to decide to put the brakes on, get a little meaner (to ourselves mostly) and get Molly to sleep through the night, in her own bed, alone. So last night was the night.

Richard and I got to bed around 11:30.

First wake up: Miss Rachel - 1:30am. I went in to nurse her back down.
In the meantime: Miss Molly wakes up. Rich got up with her and she needed to go potty. That's tough for us because she has recently learned the potty. But can't do it on her own yet. And while we want to encourage NOT peeing her pull-up at night, it's really tough when she has to go a lot. Because it means we're up a lot. Anywho, he put her back down but by the time I was done nursing, she was up again.

I'm not exactly sure of all the details on the next 2 hours...but it included Rich going back to bed, Molly going potty 2 more times - really, and one time just pretending, and me sitting outside of her door as she screamed for me to come to bed with her. Each time she would come to the hallway, I would carry her back to her bed.

As I sat out on the floor wishing I could be sleeping, I had several thoughts run through my head. Many including how scared I would probably be too if someone was sitting outside my door with a tummy rumbling as loudly as mine was then. - And if my body will ever just give up and decide it doesn't really need as much sleep as it thinks it does. That would make life easier too. -

And then just before 3:30am I thought how thankful I am that I have a daughter that's so polite that after all this time of screaming at me to join her in bed, finally comes to the door and says, "Just go to bed, Mommy!!! Go away! Go to Daddy's bed!!! Good night!!!" shuts the door, and gets into her bed. LOL

It was really nice to have been given that permission!

I stayed for 15 more minutes just to be sure. I was still hearing her move occassionally.

So at 3:45 I got back to bed.

At 4:15 Miss Rachel is awake again. I go take care of her...Get back to bed after getting her to sleep and hear her cry again. I went back to check on her and she was asleep. Back to bed I go.

Then Molly's up takes me 30 minutes to keep her in bed this time. Not quite as bad.

I get back to bed around 5am. And Rich apologizes and wishes that I get sleep soon. I did the same for him. He said he was uncomfy. I asked if I could do anything and he said it was the no. I told him he could go stand in the hallway for 30 cools you down nicely. And you don't have to worry about getting TOO cold because the frustration of having to do it warms you up to a nice level temperature. ;)

Then at 6:30 Rachel wakes again. Whew! I go take care of her and get back to bed just in time to get back to sleep and hear the alarm buzzing at 7am. Of course, he has a snooze plan where he hits snooze for about 30 minutes or so...but still. I tell him that he should probably just turn it off and go to work late and get some sleep for a while. He said he couldn't but went 30 minutes late and has skipped his lunch break. I hope he's doing ok.

Rachel woke up around 8:15 and was just chatting herself up while he was leaving. So he brought her to me and she snuggled with me and went back to sleep until around 8:45 when Molly woke up.

You can only imagine how bad I'm already getting baby fever this time!!! Ha!....(Sarcasm!)

Wow! Let's hope for a better night tomorrow!!!


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